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(this is the second part of the poem story of “the forest girl”)

the forest girl found golden gates

she made it to heaven, what a surprise

she’s truly a demon in disguise

possessed, she’s lets her feelings go

she has no room to grow

a demon controlling her every move

she burned down the palace of heaven I presume

there she is standing and smiling

wicked and intimidating no one can fathom

the true forest girl

Alligator Blood

Foggy stormy days
Alligators in the haze
Waiting for you
Praying for you to come their way
To sneak up behind you
And bite your legs and make you collapse
Their dream is for you to be their feast
Your teared off limbs will be the last thing you see


My vision is blurry
I can’t see a thing
The demons are coming
It must be my day
The time has come
You will see the darkness of what is hell
I doubt hell is worse than earth
Earth is worse, I know it now
Hell is paradise compared to this old town

- t.f.

Thank you

Thanks for the likes it means a lot!! I hope my followers are doing well. If you could maybe tell others about my blog I would be grateful! I never planned on sharing who I am but this is my real tumblr: http://tisbeti.tumblr.com thank you if you do share my poem blog with others!!

Sincerely, Tiana


Red as the blood that drips down my temple
I know its the end, I can see the devil
Red as the feelings of anger and dishonesty
I feel no trust towards the demons inside of me
My mind is lost, my feelings scattered
My heart isn’t whole, it is battered
Red as fire that flickers in wind
I feel it burning me for my sins
There is the devil waiting patiently for me
Waiting for the person I used to be

a message to my few followers

thanks for sticking around, i haven’t been writing poems since school started. it’s quite shit if i do say so myself. bullies, to grades, everything is messed up. i hope you are all doing well. hopefully i’ll right more poems soon. thanks for staying <3 

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